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Milwaukee, WI 06/25


Jun 25 2010
Milwaukee, WI

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Largest Music Festival," Milwaukee's Summerfest spans 11 days with more than 700 bands playing to over 1,000,000 fans over the course of the entire festival.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers headlined Friday's lineup that featured Jeff Beck, Public Enemy and openers ZZ Top. From the moment Billy Gibbons, Frank Hill and Dusty Beard sauntered onstage, the Texas rock legends poured on the heat, muscling through a set of hits including "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Cheap Sunglasses." With Hill and Beard providing a rock-solid rhythm, Gibbons spit solo after fiery solo, proving without any doubt that he is among the best blues guitarists walking the planet.

There's nothing quite like a sold-out show summertime show in the open air. While indoor arena concerts often offer a better environment for the sound and lights, there's something about the heat of a summer night that serves as a catalyst for the energy exchange between a band and an audience. Tom and the band were welcomed onstage at Marcus Amphitheater with a roar worthy of the venue's 25,000-capacity. Promptly launching in "Listen to Her Heart," Tom and the guys took the crowd on a musical tour of their three-decade-plus history including cuts from many albums in their catalog including four songs off their latest slab, Mojo. As the last strains of "American Girl" rang out over the amphitheater, the Heartbreakers gathered at center stage, soaking in the appreciative Summerfest crowd. The Big Gig, indeed.

Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


rknrlrbl's picture

Still reeling and rocking from the Fri June 25 concert at Milwaukee's Summerfest. Mr. Petty and I are both 60 this year (my DOB was June 6). WE SURVIVED OUR 50s! Been to half a hundred concerts over the years and this was the best. Must say that I went with my son who is a 17 year old with some disabilities and he sang and rocked like his old man from ZZs first chords right through til the last of 3 encores. As a big fan would have liked to have heard You Wreck Me, but I mean really, Tom and the band played their guts out. The entire concert was an experience of talent that took me away. Kudos to Mike Campbell, Benmont, and the current band menbers AND the former bands that made this rock and roll with a depth and groove that will last for a long, long time. Best wishes to ZZ, and Tom, band, and crew. Keep it up, good health, and THANK YOU!
chunkylover53's picture

Until Mojo. And neither was anyone in my circle/age group. (more into Zeppelin/Floyd, etc..) None of us can even believe this new CD. Just one amazing song after another beginning to end. If it weren't for this CD, we probably all would've died without ever experiencing these guys live. I'd still be making fun of Free Fallin'. This show was mind-blowing for all of us. I thought that it would be MOSTLY Mojo - and that's what we were HOPING for; until we realized that the music that we all wrote off as "cheesy" is GREAT. We were def. wrong/missing Something. Wow. The only other thing i can say is: Mike Campbell, if you're reading this, PLEASE keep heading in this direction, DON'T turn back. Keep channeling Jimmy Page, or whatever supernatural entity is feeding you this stuff. Plant and Page, Waters and Gilmour, Axl and Slash, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Tom Petty and Mike Campbell. Thank You!
swanns's picture

I've been a pro guitar player since even before Tom, but this is my favourite act of all time. I will love to hear any of the Mojo stuff on this tour and I love when they do '60s covers, although the ones listed so far were used on the last two tours and I would have hoped for some new "classics". I agree with others also, that it would be great to hear some slightly lesser known Petty does wear a little thin getting the same old "Refugee", "Runnin' Down A Dream" etc. No matter what though....I will get a bit drunk and love every second anyway....
byzanicon's picture

Mojo is parked in my car's CD player and I have it playing constantly when I'm in my car. Learning the lyrics for the concert in August. Wouldn't mind if you just played this album at the concert. Well, need to hear Runnin' Down a Dream, too. *sigh*
joeflo24's picture

I went both nights, had a blast. I had been to 6 Tom Petty summerfest shows in the past (loved everyone). Took my dad for the first time and learned my old man was born to rock. He loved it too. Would have been nice to hear a little more variety between the 2 nights, but I'm not complaining. Who could pass up 2 nights of TP and the Heartbreakers in your hometown. Keep doing what your doing guys, you are the definitive American rock band.
fastgm3's picture

To bobbyd19, I can understand your point but Tom has always done a couple of covers, it's become routine! After seeing him 25 plus times, the covers and the new material is just about all I look forward to each tour. I love all the material don't get me wrong, but hearing many of the same songs year end and year out gets old for me. I know he needs to keep playing those great songs for the people that have never seen him before, but I want to see him through in a few classic covers. In fact some of his covers have opened the door to new music for me. I'll typically come back after a show research the song(s) he covered, get the original and the next thing you know I'm into Van Morrison or Booker T and the MG's.
actionreactionman's picture

Hey TP & Heartbreakers, I forgot to thank you for the free download of MOJO. I love to sit and listen as I think about Life. It is a great album for just chillin. Again Ty!!!
acalucag's picture

For those who don't like some of the "covers" that TP&HB are doing, you should really appreciate the bridge that they are providing. The band is playing what they enjoy and want to share it. . . . PLEASE accept it. I teach high school in Texas and have an old Zenith record player in my class room that I resurrected. Everyday I have a "Record of the Day", and try to give my students a secondary education by playing an "obscure" record to them while they write a daily journal. Van Morrison and/or THEM is one of the things that I have played. The result is purely positive!! Please don't knock the fellas for trying to bring something different and something with soul to their shows & your lives. Cheers, Andrew-Seth Calucag Technical Director of Theatre Dr. Ralph H. Poteet High School Mesquite, TX
hstutz's picture

I won tix to this show from & just want to say a big THANK YOU for an absolutely amazing experience. The seats were 7th row center and it was AWESOME!! We saw him Saturday night too and had another incredible time. Never thought this was possible as I haven't missed one of his MKE shows since 1995, but I like TPHB even MORE now than I did before! Thanks again!!!!! Way to treat your die-hard fans with absolute class!!! LOVE YOU, TOM & THE HEARTBREAKERS!!!!
mar123's picture

41/2 hour road trip from Michigan was well worth it. Went to both shows. The first Petty show I saw was 1986 Dylan/Petty @ Pine Knob(Detroit). Over 60 shows and 5 different states later TP@HB are still the best deal out thier. Mojo ROCKS and Petty can play anything he wants as far as I'm concerned. I will be @ the Chicago show & can't wait. Tom if your reading you are the best America has. Don't back down!!!!!
campfan's picture'em
bobbyd19's picture

I loved the concert! It was high energy! There were a few times the energy leval fell off thou. It was rockin & people were singin every word for the first four songs! Then came "OH Well" the energy was still high but not as it was for the first 4 songs & not as much singing. "Mary Janes last dance" got the crowd reved up again & back to singin. Then came "Drivin down to Georgia" good song but the crowd didn't know it & some headed for the consesion stand while the energy level went down! "Breakdown" got everybody going again & singing! Then the "Mojo" songs came out, I thought they were great but the crowd never really came alive to them until "I should have know it" came on as the last "Mojo" song was played."Learning to fly" , "Don't come around here no more" and "Refugee" brought high energy & a lot of singing. Then came the encore starting out with "Running down a dream" great song crowd loved it! Then the most disapointing moment of the show came when they played "Mystic Eyes" I just can't understand it why they play songs like "OH Well" and "Mystic Eyes" and sometimes "Gloria" when they have so many great songs that are their own that we would much rather hear than these covers! They had a great finish with "American Girl" which had the place jumpin & people singing & dancing in the isles! All in all I loved the concert but just wish they would play only their own songs because that is what the people come to hear!
actionreactionman's picture

What a Beautiful night at the lake. Tom, you and the Heartbreakers looked and sounded great! I loved "Good enough" and it even seemed that the other MoJo tunes were more up tempo then I recalled from my listening of the Album(or did I just really want to like them). Anyway, You guys charged me up and made me forget my troubles for a while. I was sorry to see the show come to an end. Will see you again next time. Again. Thank You and Rock on! P.S. Come back to Milwaukee for a show at the 2000 seat Riverside and play MOJO in that more intimate setting. Damn it would be awesome. P.P.S. Right on with ZZ Top. They set you up good!!
brnarbl2291's picture

I am a huge Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fan and last night was my first time ever seeing them live. it was amazing!! i was on my feet the entire set and lost my voice screamin and singing along to every song. absolutely amazing!! cant wait to see it again tonight!!
reidk0326's picture

Thank you for an absolutely amazing show! I have gone to every show at Summerfest since 03 and have never heard the crowd that loud. You truly are the King of Milwaukee! Can't wait for another great one tonight from the 10th row!
Anonymous's picture

I went to the show last night with my dad, brother and my daughter! It was her very first Petty show. Three generations of Petty fans and we had a blast!! We had 3rd row and could almost touch Mike and Tom!! ZZ Top was excellent and Petty was awesome!! I love the new Mojo album and enjoyed hearing the tracks live for the first time. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is hands down my favorite band of all time and I love sharing the concert experience with my family!!! My dad and I go together every time he is in Milwaukee. They never fail to put on a fantastic show!!! Thank you Tom and the band for coming to Milwaukee and rockin us!!
aklosiewski's picture

Played all my favorites and a lot of the Mojo album. How come it is always soooo hot when they come to Summerfest?
dj's picture

They can play the whole frickin Mojo album, and I would still be in heaven. Let's just be grateful that he and the Heartbreakers are still touring!
pspeth's picture

I get that everyone has their favorites, and there are so many, but gee, Melinda is a recent classic. Benmont totally rocks!!! Could you please add it to tonights set??
Anonymous's picture

I am VERY pumped for the show tomorrow and will love every song played, but I definetely am hoping to hear Honey Bee...definetely my favorite and a must play for the "king of Milwaukee"!
dson16's picture

Just watched the Runnin' Down A Dream documentary again and couldn't be more stoked to see you in Milwaukee! You are the king of that place and always jam so hard! One request tho...please play Don't Pull Me Over at least one of the nights. I'll be there Fri with my wife and Sat with my sister. Do it up big Tom!
heyheyjohnny's picture

Tom, I saw you guys in 1989 or so .... I remember being so totally jazzzed and dancing all of the greatest concerts ever ... so amped to see you again here on the great lake. I know Milwaukee holds a special place in your heart because it's Howie's home...and I grew up in Phx where it ended for him...anyway...not to be glum but to remember the terrific, touching, powerful message behind your music. It has always moved me. God bless you and the Heartbreakers.
bobbyd19's picture

I also would rather not hear "OH Well", "Mystic Eyes", or "Gloria"! It is not because they don't play them well because they do! It is simply because they have so many other great songs of their own that you don't get to hear and it would be much better to hear those instead!
bobbyd19's picture

I made a few comments on here that I was concerned we would here too much Mojo & not enough Heartbreaker classics but I gotta tell you I have changed my tune after listening to more & more of Mojo! There are now 6 Mojo songs I really like a lot "Something good coming", "Let yourself go", "Good enough", "I sould have known it", "Running mans bible" & "Jefferson Jerico blues"! So I thing we just add another 1/2 hour to the show, that way we get more in. So I'm sorry to the heartbreakers for not giving mojo a chance! It's not what we are used to but it is very good! I'm even more excited about the concert than before now that I know some of the new songs. A lesson learned "Don't be to quick to judge"!
bobbyd19's picture

The band has just too many great songs which would take about 6 concerts to play them all with no repeats! I love some of his older stuff that you never hear like "Melinda" , "Billy the Kid", "The Last DJ", "Out in the cold" ect. He's going to come out with "Kings Highway" and I hope he follows that with "You Don't know how it feels" I hope the encore starts out with "You Wreck Me" followed by "Runnin Down A Dream" and a big finish with "American Girl"! I feel there are about 4 "Mojo Songs that are pretty good and the rest might just take time to get use to. Mike Campbell will be kicken when the Mojo songs come out so even if we are not 100% satisfied with Mojo, Petty & the boys are going to "Rock The House" See you there!
5dollaryo's picture

I have seen Tom Petty & company twenty times. I agree with the previous posts that some new MOJO would be good, but not four or five songs. It will be great to see Mike "the engine" Campbell highlight the new MOJO tunes, but they do have too many older songs that never get played. It is criminal that they play Oh Well, Mystic Eyes, and GLORIA when they have their own music that is never played. Mystic Eyes has no business being played as an encore tune when The Waiting & American Girl are not played. It's not just the obvious hits, where is Change of Heart, Runaway Trains, Dogs on the Run, Room at the Top or slower tunes like Hard on Me, Like a Diamond, or Echo. Anything off the She's the One Soundtrack ( Which is outstanding ) is better than GLORIA and Oh Well. I will be there both Friday & Saturday. TP always puts on a great show and is the best. I'm not a hater, I just think it could be even better.
albert's picture

We purchased tickets for the Friday night show at Summerfest in Milwaukee back when they first went on sale. The other people who were planning to go with us are now unable to attend. We are looking for 2 dedicated FANS to purchase our unused tickets for what we paid for them. They are $111.00 each and are good seats. Because we purchased through the fan club, we need to be present to pick up the tickets and transfer them to the new buyer. If you are interested, please e-mail us at
anaxander's picture

I'm with the pro-Mojo crowd here. Where were you Mojo haters in 2008 when the band didn't have a new album to support? That was the year to hear the oldies. Before that it was 2006 during the Highway Companion tour, which was technically a Petty solo record. That show was filled with hits as well. You can't come back now 2-4 years later and complain about hearing new stuff. Most fans love to hear new songs. Have you even listened to any of Mojo yet? It's been streaming for free for quite awhile and it rocks. Check the set lists so far - there is a solid 5 song stretch of Mojo stuff at every gig. How could you complain about rocking songs like "I should have known it", "Good Enough", and "Jefferson Jericho Blues"? Those are rocking songs, man! If you don't like it, go hang out with the rest of the fair weather fans in the bathroom or something.
bobbyd19's picture

I made the first comment on here and got ripped by a couple of fans. I made the comment that I didn't want to hear too many "Mojo" songs at the expence of his classics! I still stand by that! The fact is I know they are going to put on a great show! They always do no matter what they play! I do want to hear a few new songs from the mojo album but not 5 of them. How about 3 that I believe is reasonable. The problem is the band has just too many great songs that they could play and it could take five concerts to get them all in and still not play a song twice! I have seen the band about six times now & it is indeed like a religious experiance. The best one for me was still summerfest 2008. I just thought the playlist was fantastic the excitement was high (no pun intended) & I was totally on cloud 9 by the end of the show!
dson16's picture

I am really disgusted by these comments in regards to Tom not playing songs from MOJO! Are you kidding me? The band finally put out a new CD after 8 years and you're saying you don't wanna hear it? How can you even consider yourself a Petty fan? I've been listening to all the new songs everyday since they put it up on If you are that concerned with the songs he plays, then stay at home and listen to his Greatest Hits CD. Any TP&THB song is worthy of seeing live! Quit complaining.