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Outside Lands


Aug 09 2014
San Francisco, CA
Outside Lands Festival

Tickets on sale April 10th at 10am PT. 

San Francisco
Outside Lands Festival


mtnbkr58's picture

Bummed!  Renewed Legacy Highway Companions Club membership and then came to find out TP & HB's only NoCal show was at the Outside Lands Festival, which was already sold out!  Last time I scored 4th row tickets at The Greek in Berkeley... needless to say, disappointed.

emeraldoracle's picture

I am going to chime in too about the Outside Lands be a bad place to be the ONLY place to see TP&HBrs in N California. Festivals are fun, but when you only go to see one group, not soo much!

The Filmore or Greek would be more appropriate, just have it at a different date then the festival.

....and on 2nd NOTE the Outside Lands Festival is SOLD OUT, so even if I wanted to go.....

bcastle4's picture

Sorry to say I won't see you if the only gig in SF is Outside Lands.  The comments here say it correctly.  Thats 2 years straight of no TP and Heartbreakers because of the venue.  Please play a civilized venue in San Francisco.  I don't want to waste the gas to drive to LA, but it's better than Outside Lands

tommy3chord's picture

I am all for a smaller gig in SF and will help out by offering my back yard as a potental place to play.  I will even throw in a bucket of cold ones and barbeque for you and the boys.  What do you say????

tkdlaw's picture

Filmore sounds great. Love ya Tom P & the HB'ers

chrismahaney's picture

How about stopping by The Fillmore since you will already be in San Francisco? 

babydoll's picture

that was my first thought hah

patty5's picture

I got my daugher a tic to this gig fr her27th birthday.  yes the young girls still love yo :).....  we wanted to go out  to frisco and go with her but funds would not allow    just moved to tampa from MD  please come to Tampa once you relase your new LP  I will be there!!!!

acksoft's picture

Dear Tom,

I hate festivals.  Too many people, not enough restrooms.  Please don't let this be the only show that you play in the San Francisco Bay Area.


fansince82's picture

Agree!  For those of us in the (cough, cough) 50ish crowd......don't feel like putting up with the "newer" fans, and want a seat and not have to be pushed and shoved, after standing in lines for HOURS.  Another venue?  Sacramento, Oakland, Reno?  Puhleeeeze?


maryengfer's picture

Ditto!!  Come back to the Fillmore or the Greek.  Please.