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Omaha, NE 06/23


Jun 23 2010
Omaha, NE
Qwest Center

The Mojo Tour 2010 rolled on to Omaha, NE on Wednesday after a triumphant show in St. Paul, Minnesota the night before.

Athens, Georgia-based rockers Drive-By Truckers joined up with the tour in St. Paul as the new opening act replacing Joe Cocker, and their hard-driving, road-worn rock 'n roll has been a good change of pace that has seemingly worn off the Heartbreakers. Tom seemed to snarl even more defiantly during "I Won't Back Down," and Mike Campbell's edgy guitar riffs over the galloping rhythm of "Drivin' Down to Georgia" played the perfect foil to Benmont Tench's delicate piano runs.

"First Flash of Freedom" is emerging as a nightly highlight. The song's expansiveness and airiness is reminiscent of the best of the classic Coltrane Quintet. New radio hit "I Should Have Known It" is the latest in Tom's long line of songs directed at lovers scorned, and "Jefferson Jericho Blues" makes you wonder why no one else has mined the fruitful story of ol' Tom Jefferson and his midnight creepin' with Sally Hemings.

Check back next week for more pictures, videos and recaps from Summerfest in Milwaukee as the Mojo Summer 2010 tour wraps up the first leg!

Qwest Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


aprlshwr59's picture

I loved the concert in Omaha!!!! I have wanted to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live and the time was finally right. I bought the new CD and listened to it, I love the song "Something good coming" i think it is my favorite on the CD. Thanks for the great concert and all the wonderful music and memories i have while listening to them.
shellarella's picture

The feeling I had after leaving that concert!!! It was AMAZING! Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers rocked Omaha! AGAIN!!! What I would give to go to another show! And for a closer seat!
eagle7's picture

Great show in Omaha! Seen them 4 times over the years and I think this one is the best. They are great at getting the crowd rockin' and rollin'. Bought the new CD, "Mojo" and I love it. Much better than I thought it would be.Thanks guys for the stop in the "Big O"!. Was wondering about the song "Candy". Seems to me that it may be a candidate to put on a set list somewhere. It's a fun song, different and is intriguing to me to see how the crowd would react. It may even bolster the "Mojo" album. Sorry, I am no expert but I just like that song. Omaha will be glad to have you back anytime! Thanks guys! Have a fun tour!
cherstefano's picture

I notice that they took Mystic Eyes off the set list. I love TPATH and wish I could see every show on the tour..Would not tire of hearing them..They are so easy to listen to and put me in such a great mood. Tom and the band really know how to please and have their audience in the palms of their hands..
kato1706's picture

I really enjoyed the concert! You guys put on a very good show! I also enjoyed the Drive-By Truckers!
rocknroll89's picture

"The waiting [was] the hardest part." Really. That was an amazing show. The morning after I was still in concert mode--my mind is still blown. The guitar riffs, the harmonica, the drums, and the piano playing were amazing. Truly inspiring and your energy on stage was awesome. Not to mention the "everyman's vibe" you got from Tom, very courteous guy!!
campfan's picture

Great pictures....specially a few of them...Ron looked good in the pretty blue shirt....!
campfan's picture

the pictures to the show is the only missin' part...for the folks out there who wasn't lucky to attend...... Rock on!
musictherapy714's picture

You guys put on the best show as usual! I took a friend with me this time because he had never been before, and he LOVED it! Thanks for a great show guys, and come back soon. I will definitely be in the crowd.
mvr1's picture

The playing as a band part was what it was all about for me. It is easy to forget that TP is an excellent guitar player given the quality of the rest of the band, but it was evident last night. The new material mini-set went down well, I thought. It was kind of amazing to realize how many of the rest of the songs had been hits of one sort or another. That has its charm, but I think the band would have been safe sneaking in a few more obscurities as well. There were no real lags in the show that I noticed, and TP was quite generous to the audience with his talk and manner.
tpartrid's picture

Awesome show! Amazing opening band! I loved the middle stretch of new songs, especially First Flash of Freedom.
mtpalms's picture

That's funny. Is it a test to see if we're paying attention?
jenpace's picture

Tom and the boys played great in Omaha last night. I loved the 4 Mojo songs and liked that they made them into a set inside the larger set. I think the Mojo album/playing of the songs at the concerts is being much maligned - they are high caliber songs just like any other TP songs and deserve to be listened to. There were plenty of old standards at the concert to keep all listeners happy and they played for a solid two hours. They all seemed to be having a great time and looked in great shape also. Rock on Tom, Mike, Ben, Steve, Scott and Ron!
nebmac's picture

Good show, although it seemed a little short, especially after taking out the lengthy Mystic Eyes (no argument there, but you could slide a fourth hit into the encore). Contrary to the Recap, I thought the show lulls were First Flash (just weird, a pale imitation of a song like "Echo"), and I Should Have Known It (trying to be Zeppelin?), my least two favorite tracks from Mojo - keep Jefferson and Running Man's Bible and rotate in some other tracks off Mojo instead. Or maybe slip a hit in the middle so it isn't a four track stretch so many are unfamiliar with. But it was fun seeing the guys again, even if the setlist could still use a little shakeup now and again.
yooperss's picture

Concert was just what we expected: Awesome! Greatest hits spiced up with some Mojo...
After the first three songs, we asked how can this get any better? As usual, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers came thru for us. If you haven't already listened to Mojo, do so, as it is great!
The encore summed up the evening... it rocked us out of the arena! How were we so lucky to end with American Girl??!!!
too_drunk_to_follow's picture

The band was excellent at Omaha's Qwest Center. The new songs worked very well live, they covered Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well" like it was meant for them, and they played enough classics to please the more casual fans. The sound was terrific, especially when Mike and Tom or Mike and Scott would take off together. The crowd was pretty pumped, too. "Learning to Fly" is always fun to hear live with the audience singing along. The Heartbreakers just have a bit of magic that you don't find too often. One other thing: when this website said you can win great tickets by posting a review of "Mojo," they weren't kidding. I'd like to give a big thank you to the people who run - my seats were awesome!
nebmac's picture

Tom, Mike... Would much rather hear "Listen to Her Heart" and "American Girl" than "King's Highway" and "You Don't Know How It Feels". If you want to play more than 18 songs that would be great too.
Anonymous's picture

Please...More MOJO!!!!! Bring Kings Highway back.
tpartrid's picture

You are only a short (?) 4 blocks from the Omaha Old Market entertainment district. I recommend Mr. Toads, The Old Market Tavern, The Dubliner, Upstream Brewery if you want food and craft beer, Julios if you want Mexican, and Blue if you want Sushi. There are tons of other great places in a 4 square block area. Have Fun!!
cspence's picture

The Slowdown. It's about 2 blocks northwest of the Qwest Center. A very cool bar, great vibe. Enjoy the show, Tom and the band always put on an amazing show in Omaha. Peace.
neadams's picture

I'm driving to the Omaha show from des Moines. Where is the best place to get a drink before the show?