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UPDATE: Benmont on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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  • February 25, 2014
    UPDATE: Benmont on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Benmont Tench will be the musical guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 25th!


    Benmont will be performing songs from his debut solo record, "You Should Be So Lucky," out now via iTunes and Amazon.


    Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on your local ABC affiliate at 11:35EST / 10:35CST, and 11:35PST.


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on Tue, 2014-02-25 10:16

Benmont Tench will be the musical guest on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 25th!


Benmont will be performing songs from his debut solo record, "You Should Be So Lucky," out now via iTunes and Amazon.


Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on your local ABC affiliate at 11:35EST / 10:35CST, and 11:35PST.



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The first thing I’d like to say about YSBSL is that it was a long-awaited effort. We knew that Ben wrote songs for Mudcrutch and that he is one of the most sought after keyboardists in the industry, gracing dozens of groups and individual artists with his presence on their albums. When Mudcrutch reunited in ’07 he got the chance to display his versatility once more with ‘This Is A Good Street,’ one of the album’s best songs and certainly one of my favorites. So when the news broke that he was doing a solo album all I could say was ‘it’s about time.’ On one hand I am so grateful for this release, because it is brilliant, but on the other hand it is a wonder to me why his songs hadn’t been filtered in to The Heartbreakers’ albums over the years. Why did it take so long? I suppose there were a multitude of reasons but you could consider singling out any twelve TPATH songs from assorted albums and replace a few of them with something from this record. Not as easy a task as it sounds as there aren’t that many TPATH songs out there to sacrifice, but the case could be made that Benmont Tench could have written some songs for Heartbreakers material all along. Perhaps he had his reasons, too, but I sincerely hope that YSBSL is not a one-time wonder.

The album satisfies but does leave you wanting more which is why it works so well for multiple listens. Like a great movie you need to experience this over and over again to appreciate the details. The first listen or two involves a serious studying of the sound but as you become acclimated with the melodies each new dive in you grow fonder of it, appreciating its brilliance all the more. There were a few songs that didn’t grab me the first few times I heard them, such as Corrina, Corrina. It seemed like a little too much of the same thing and made me yearn for a more robust middle section added to Hannah. Originally I felt that CC would have worked better if Hannah was more of a blend reminiscent of The Who’s Behind Blue Eyes; soft and sweet with an ultimate dose of kick ass factored in (oddly, also produced by Glyn Johns.) But I’ve turned on that now. Hannah has its own element of kick ass with its instrumental organ verse with just that one touch of piano to tease you with. And as for Corrina, Corrina, well, it has its own musical hook to keep you engaged. I didn’t get this at first but I appreciate them more now. Some of the songs Benmont just lays it out there and gives it to us (Veronica Said, Title Track, Dogwood); others, like these two I’ve mentioned he really challenges us. It just makes the listening experience that much more enjoyable.

After hearing YSBSL at least ten times now I got online to finally read some reviews, including exploring it through this forum. There have been repeated mentions of his vocals; not necessarily critical, but just that he is ‘no Caruso,’ as one reviewer put it. Ok, we can’t exactly disagree with that but he has his own style. He’s not a screamer; that’s just not him. There are some songs where he really opens up (VS, BGBD, YSBSL, LTS) and his vocals fit the tempo and others where they are just front and center his own soft-spoken style (TITYPD, Hannah, Dogwood, WDYQLMA) and they become an integral part of what makes that song great. I friggen love Dogwood, for example. Musically, lyrically, vocally, it all just works for me.

Which brings me to my next point thus taking this post full circle; lyrics. It isn’t so much what an artist has to say but how he or she says it. By this I mean song construction. It isn’t just the prose or poetry of the lyrics but the flow they have as they fit into a song. If there is one thing that we should have learned from this solo effort, if it wasn’t previously made abundantly clear, is that Benmont Tench can write songs. Not just music, but full-fledged songs. It is the intricate nuances that drive me to this opinion. The way he changes latter refrain verses is another hook in and of itself. TITYPD and YSBSL are prime examples of this. The best songwriters have this innate ability, Mr. Thomas Earl Petty atop the list. Perhaps Ben’s most clever lyrical foray is the third verse of Veronica Said, the way he runs on as if in character with the main character, rambling as she would as the song’s title implies. Dare I say it is a masterpiece.

On that note, I could go on and on here but I’ll apply the brakes. I’ll close this post the way I began it by saying that this was a long-awaited effort by Benmont. Whatever the delay in putting out his material, either on his own or through TPATH, the bottom line is that it is worth the wait.

I just hope we don’t have to wait too long for his next solo album. Thanks Benmont.


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I've watched this awesome performance over and over and can't stop listening to the CD.  Benmont, you have outdone yourself.  Thank you for this brilliant piece of work!!

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Benmont's genius instrumentally was a given!! I was speaking only to his taking the lead vocally and lyrically, as he has done here in this performance. 

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Benmont, I hope you read these comments. I was at the Saturday show at the Largo. It blew me away! I loved seeing you front and center! As Mr. Shelter said below, you are without question, a maestro!

I missed Jimmy Kimmel, but watched 2 videos of the show on YouTube. Excellent! Thank you!

Also, you were so gracious when I met you Saturday night. You signed my CD, and took a photo with me. Both will always be cherished possessions.

Susan Molls

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

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@ agillis : What? Any theory stating that the quality of a world class maestro and musician is due to his lyrics, does not compute. (Like Cash, Dylan and so on, worked with Ben for his lyrics?). I'm inclined to agree on Ben's voice being "a little weak" - or rather, to me it's good enough, but it does not have the qualities to stand out properly in the mix, sonically. (He is a great harmony singer though, mind you!) I would even say that his lyrics are "a little weak" too. Still this does not - like your theory suggest it would - by any means disqualify the music, or Ben from being brilliant. To put the actual music out of the equation is absurd. Ben's way to write and arrange is great -what more, his way of playing and performing music is legendary! Truly surpassed by none. And this fact alone makes him and his music interesting to me. All beautifully highlighted by him starring that radio show recently - where his stripped down solo versions really knocked me over (bing the King of Keyboards, he even played a ghostly beautiful and dark vibe guitar, perfectly!) And this underlines what qualities are in the music alone, in these songs and in the fingers of their maker. Even his voice came through stronger in that fashion, imho. So never mind the lyrics too much, or the slightly over produced and clinical vibe of the album even. Just mind the music and the musicianship. Obviously Ben's got nothing on Tom in terms of lyrics and singing (or songwriting and commersially useful on-stage carisma for that matter) but to me it's all about his playing, his touch and his coolness. As the maestro of the music - Stan the machine, Mike the virtuoso, Tom the smooth rebel, groovy Ron and multigenius Scott may all excuse me for saying so - musically Ben is the nr one of the Heartbreakers and one of the best ever, anywhere. That is not to say that he needs the others to shine! Or just a guitar will do, apparently...

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For a great musician you have to have one of two things: a great voice or great lyrics, or both. For example: Bob Dylan has great lyrics..not so great voice. Tom Petty has great voice and great lyrics (although his voice isn't as strong as it once was in my opinion). Benmont's voice is a little weak, but I am intrigued enough to listen because of the lyrics. Maybe he should have practiced more singing in front of people....done a few night club gigs etc. A singer has to really hone his voice. I am so glad he is doing this though. I think the band has more talent than just Tom (although he is certainly a great talent no doubt) and Ben does not have to prove himself to anyone.....just enjoy the opportunity to showcase his talent a little. I like the lyrics of the songs I have heard very much! "Why Don't You Quit Leaving Me Alone" is my favorite so far. It could easily be a hit song! Has a great "hook" as they say.....

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Set my TiVo.