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St. Paul, MN 06/22


Jun 22 2010
St. Paul, MN
Xcel Energy Center

"Running Man's Bible" in St. Paul was when it all clicked for me.

A new song off Mojo, "Running Man's Bible" reads like the midnight ruminations of a man looking back over a lifetime spent on the highway between the centerline and the ditch and lived to tell the tale.

"You're with me tonight on this dark highway
We've run it together
So many times
We've run it for money
We've run it for music
We've run it to pay for our innocent crimes"

And standing in the last row of the arena tonight, it suddenly dawned on me that "Running Man's Bible" isn't only a retrospective on days gone by, but also an ode to longevity and resilience.

"Here's one to glory and survival
And stayin' alive
It's the running man's bible."

And the band certainly has not only survived, releasing a celebrated hit new album (#2 on the chart this week!) that the fans on this tour have really embraced.

But of course it's the classics that still inspire the crowd most. As the Heartbreakers cranked out hit after hit from their three-decade-plus catalog in St. Paul Tuesday night, fans hugged and high-fived each other while seemingly reliving the first time they heard each song. Eleven thousand voices rose up to sing along to "Free Fallin'" and "Learning to Fly," but it wasn't until the "American Girl" finale that the Xcel Energy Center truly exploded, erupting into a blast of energy, sound and light.

Opening the show was the fantastic Drive-By Truckers, who will be joining us on the road through Pittsburgh next month. Make sure to come early and check these guys out!

St. Paul
Xcel Energy Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


singsinfrench's picture

Great show with a happy crowd!
Anonymous's picture

OMG, thank you guys for the wonderful show ~ I could do that every night! Much Love from Saint Paul (and Kelly ;) ~peace and love~

kmulder's picture

The show was amazing...I wish we had more time to learn the new songs so we could sing along but they were still awesome! you guys rock, please tour forever!!!
purplepeople26's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were AMAZING in St. Paul!!! I did not sit down once during his entire set! And i just about blew my lungs out screaming for him!! I loved the songs and the way he thanked the crowd after every song!! no Tom Petty THANK YOU!!! thank you for your wonderful performances and amazing songs!! dont ever stop and i cant wait till you come back to MN!!!!
campfan's picture

......where is Mr MIKE??? Awesome pictures and love the one showin' the mighty Missisip....which it is indeed.. Great crowd too....seems like it sure was a blast!
tawhite's picture

The band was great their energy was awesome. This was my first of 5 shows this tour and I was not disappointed. My question is what’s up with St. Paul? Did you guys forget your vocal chords at home? The crowd was a huge disappointment, if you guys in St. Paul want to see a real live, excited, and loud crowd, COME TO SUMMERFEST in Milwaukee. No one cheered until the encore. Come on St. Paul live a little!!!!! Also concerts are meant to stand, not sit at. See you in Milwaukee!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom
jav2008's picture

The concert was great, he got a good song selection. When refugee, American Girl and other classics, everyone started to sing. TPTH did a awesome show, and I will go to many concert. Keep it up.
Iwazzabadboy's picture

Thanks for the GREAT night!! TPATH was in TOP form to say the least...
pacomom's picture

What a great concert-- maybe the best ever! We loved the classics AND the new stuff! The place was rocking! But Tom, maybe you should talk a little less! LOL!
dmmcdonough's picture

EXCELLENT SHOW!! as usual. Not crazy about DBTs, but Petty and the band were incredible. Cannot wait for the next tour! Thanks for an incredible evening in the Twin Cities once again! David & Suzette
Iwazzabadboy's picture

Thanks TPATH!!!!!!!!!! Great show in St.Paul last night...The BEST LIVE band ever!!!!!!!!!
gabriel's picture

The music that flow's from Mr. Petty and the Heartbreakers is so wonderful, beautiful, and captivating. It is such a pleasure to see and hear this band. Everyone needs to see Tom and the Heartbreakers perform! The music is magical! Thanks!
mjpetrich's picture

Petty still rocks. Outstanding preformance and all topped off by changing the final set by adding American Girl....perfect night!
bwiduch's picture

Wow.... Have seen these boys for the tenth time tonite ...and was excited as hell to see TP & the HB's again. Let me finish before you jump on my comment. What happened?? Way over amped, and was shorter than any other live performance by Tom than I ever witnessed. 90 blazing minutes of faves, and a quick threesome intro to the new "Mojo". But missed the flavor of a band that never relied on power or stage effects to shower their legendary talent. Felt like a LAST DJ production! Help me here...cause I believed in his lyrics and cause for 34 years. Tommy , don't sell out ...not now...too many believers in you! Ticket prices way beyond the norm ..and thats not how we grew through your defiance of the corporate machine...Still a patriot but definitely disillusioned. Bobby "Y"
kalibeth2's picture

I am so excited for the show tonight, and am so glad you guys are playing with DBT. They are excellent and this could not be a better line-up. Mojo is fantastic!!
Anonymous's picture

I am soooo excited about your concert in St. Paul. I have shared Mojo with my clients and friends and think it is an outstanding album - it gave me my mojo back! :) I hear only 4 Mojo songs are listed for the concert - please reconsider playing more of them. --See you from the front row in St. Paul! BTW: Thank you, TPHB, for singing my life all these years.
coco's picture

How will I ever sleep tonight??? Cannot wait! xoxo
beech's picture

Can't wait for tomorrow night! I can't believe there are still tickets left. This will be an awesome show!
stephaniedahl's picture

So excited for the show! It's my 21st birthday and I've grown up listening to Tom! No better way to celebrate!
Iwazzabadboy's picture

Can't wait for Xcel show...Looking forward to some MOJO..Running Man's Bible,I Should have Known It,Good Enough,Candy,Trip To Pirates Cove...Keep American Girl in the show,,,,Just don't seem right to have a Heartbreakers show without it...