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Saskatoon, SK 06/18


Jun 18 2010
Saskatoon, SK
Credit Union Centre

There are few places in North America that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers haven't played in their career, but Friday's show marked a first for the band as they made their debut in Saskatoon.

Named for the sweet, violet-colored berries that grow in the area, Saskatoon is the largest city in Canada's Saskatchewan province. Since opening in 1988, Credit Union Centre has been home to the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League while playing host to a variety of sporting and concert events, including Canadian wrestling legend Bret Hart's defeat of The Nature Boy Ric Flair in 1992 to capture his first WWF Heavyweight Championship.

Friday's show featured a pair of heavyweights with decades of original hits, but it was their choices of other artists' music to cover that stood out and provided insight into their own record collections. One of rock's great interpreters, Joe Cocker started things off with "Feelin' Alright," a song written by Dave Mason for Traffic's eponymous 1968 album, but it was his electrifying take on "The Letter," a song written by Wayne Carson Thompson but popularized by Alex Chilton and the Box Tops in 1967, that sent 10,000-plus at the Credit Union Centre into a frenzy.

Tom and The Heartbreakers' set also featured some incredible covers. Tom grabbed the maracas midset as the band launched into a grizzly take on Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well," the double-sided single released in November 1969 that marked the end of Peter Green's tenure in the band. The opening track off Them's 1965 debut The Angry Young Them, "Mystic Eyes" is a raucous blues send-up that was reportedly inspired when Van Morrison watched children playing among the tombstones of an ancient cemetery in Nottingham. Led by Scott Thurston's gritty harmonica, Mike Campbell's chugging guitar riff and a beautiful piano breakdown from Benmont Tench , Tom and the band annihilated "Mystic Eyes" in Saskatoon, leaving a crowd of smiling faces in their wake.

Check back for a report from Winnipeg and the Heartbreakers' return to the States next week with shows in St. Paul, Omaha and Milwaukee!

Credit Union Centre
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


joedacris's picture

Everyone wondering what the set list was -- its the same as the MTS Centre show. Deadly concert, was definitely up in the top 5 for me.
Anonymous's picture

Loved the show Row 1 seats 18 and 19 Tom, I sang with you all night and you sang with me....But your guys forgot to put up the set list? Followed from Edmonton to Saskatoon, Loved the show, but your promoter-Tom, letting people from row 12 come in behind us in row 1, not cool.....They didn't spend $300.00 plus a ticket but we did, so why were they allowed up and to push us out, cause that's what happened......I DIDN"T BACK DOWN, but seriously, I think we were all dancing and singing enough to warrant us being there...Anyways looking forward to the european tour!
campfan's picture

That is a great picture.......
kornkid420's picture

To Tom And The Heartbreakers! It was a pleasure and a fuckin honour! Phenomenal musicianship by every person on that stage lastnight. Tastefully executed every single song. Left no doubt as to why you and The Heartbreakers are Rock N Roll Hall Of Famers. TPATHB dont need the fancy flash tactics that most other rock bands have. This may not be no U2-360 type shit, or Metallica type shit with explotions going off every blink of an eye. But Thats because this lil ol school group from Gainsville, Fl got the songs, the talent, and rock n roll sauve 2 pull off a killer 2 hr show with out it. Long live TPATHB!!!!!!!!! P.S. Like many have said on here already. SO PROUD TO BE PART OF THE SASKATOON audience. The thunderous raors you got after every song came from the Heart! Wishing you nothing but kick ass shows the rest of the tour! Until next time Keep Rockn boyz.
bombers306's picture

A fabulous show in Saskatoon.
Anonymous's picture

Outstanding show!! Loved every minute of it. Thanks for the Mojo. Running Man's Bible was amazing. Mr. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers you just make me want to dance and sing and I truly will carry your music with me forever. Thanks Again! Nashville in August!! No Reason to Cry?
rhondastewart's picture

I've been to many concerts in the past but this one midgets all of the others. It made me proud to be from Saskatoon and part of an audience that was there to show appreciation, respect, and just damn well party. As others have said, I've never seen a Sask Place audience like this. Sound was great, music was beyond excellent and the fans were salking a fine line of anarchy. By far the best time of my life so far.
mavis's picture

Tom Petty and The HeartBreakers did not disapoint Saskatoon, the crowd was crazy and it was so fun. I have gone to so many concerts in pass but this one rocked. The place was full of die hard fans and I have never seen credit union like this before. Let me tell you fans were dancing and shirts were off girls were flashing Tom at one point a very intoxicated woman even yelled Tom Petty you a*hole not sure what Tom did to her but she wasn' a happy drunk. At one point fear did enter when everyone came to close in front drinks were spilling I thought a riot may happen fortunatly the crowd did not do this Tom kept the crowd at bay and when it was over fans were hi-fiving each other strangers giving each other hugs and this was awsome to see and experience.. Tom Saskatchewan Loves You.
hosher's picture

Loved the show last night.It was enjoyed by all in packed CU Centre. Tom was engaging and bubbling with personality. Please come back again soon Tom. I know Saskatoon is not Toronto but we do get many amazing concerts...bands know about this town and return time after time.
psychedelia's picture

I'm so happy to see the Heartbreakers playing in Saskatoon. I can see from the Edmonton show comments, that many fans drove for HOURS on end from very remote Canadian towns to see Tom and the boys. I'm so happy for them. I'm in Toronto, and luckily, I get to see so many amazing concerts, big and small. rock on.
mavis's picture

Even though I went and seen you guys in Edmonton, I am so excited you are here in Saskatoon. Love your''s Songs and Love the Band I know you won't dissapoint Saskatoon, And My friends and I will be there singing along and being crazy fans. We took time off from work just to see you Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers,,and we are Just runnin' down a dream..
stephanfuchs's picture

I told my cat you were coming Mr. Petty and your band of merry heart breakers, and he barfed up a fur ball! He's not nearly as excited as I am.
See you tomorrow. I'll be the one singing along to your tunes, waving my arms frantically and losing my voice. I'm sure you'll know who I am. Maybe you can play wake up time and pronounce it to Mr. BP himself, the dishonourable louse, Tony Hayward. Then play Wildflowers and dedicate it to my wife of one year Gisele. I would know you read my mail if either of these things happened and would be glad.
Ps. the pic was a sunset here last year. Seriously no photoshop...just my glass eye.

bucksolo's picture

I'm in the 6th row. I have waited my whole life for this concert! It is gonna be awesome! Love the set lists! I would love to hear Into the Great Wide Open. Saskatchewan is the Great Wide Open.
Anonymous's picture

Hey megz,we are in the 4th row, seats are in the 30 I think, holding a sign and we are also in row 1 in Saskatoon, seats 17 and 18 I think, will look for the purple!
megan's picture

Tom, I am so excited for my Tom Petty week. My fiance and I are gong to see you in Edmonton ( 3rd ) row, then again in Saskatoon, I will still be in purple, sporting my Tom Petty Tattoo, its on the arm that will be waving at you !, see you boys soon !! xxoo