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Seattle, WA 06/11


Jun 11 2010
Seattle, WA
The Gorge

Carved into the basalt cliffs and perched above the rolling Columbia River in George, Washington, The Gorge Amphitheatre is perhaps the most picturesque music venue in all of North America.

Perhaps inspired by their scenic surroundings, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers delivered an electrifying set that lived up to the stunning show setting. Night one at the Gorge featured the live debut of "Don't Pull Me Over," a reggae-inspired song off their new album, Mojo, which drew an appreciative, smoke-filled response from the audience. Dedicating it to all the lovers in the house, Tom faced off with guitarist Mike Campbell to kick-start "Free Fallin'," before dropping a stellar version of "Oh Well." Donning a fan's Mad Hatter top hat that was tossed onstage, Tom launched into "Don't Come Around Here No More" with a sly grin, a nod to the song's legendary music video.

Joe Cocker's set continues to provide the perfect preface to the Heartbreaker's headlining set. "Feelin' Alright" got the crowd on its feet early, but today's highlight was a fiery "Shelter Me," capped by Cocker's song-closing hop. "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, another incredible Beatles" cover, slammed the door on Cocker's set.

Check back at for photo galleries, show recaps and more from the tour as we return to Canada for shows in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Saskatoon!


The Gorge
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
First Flash Of Freedom
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly
Drivin' Down To Georgia


snowflake's picture

I am disappointed in all the negative comments what is wrong you you nay sayers! I was in the 8th row between drunk women behind me trying to pick up on way to young guys and the way drunk couple beside me that kept fighting and calling each other drunks. Once the music started I forgot all about the rest of the crowd and enjoyed the best concert ever!Stop complaining and enjoy the show! So they didn't play your favorite song OH MY! When someone asks me my favorite Tom Petty and The Heart Breakers song my answer is always "the one i'm listening to at the moment" stop complaining! enjoy the show look at the bands faces they are having so much fun! How can you not!
pettycure's picture

Traveled from D.C. to see TPTH at the Gorge ~ and they did not disappoint. Great show !!!
geniph's picture

The nay-sayers must have seen a different show than the one I went to on Friday at the Gorge. The show I saw was phenomenal; Joe Cocker was outstanding (who knew he could still rock like that?!), and this was the 2nd-best TPatH show I've been to (the only reason it wasn't the best is that I was at their Astor Park club gig back in the early 80s, one of only 400 people). Look, I get the complaints about how he didn't play this song or that song, but there's no way he can play what every single person wants unless they do a 16-hour show! (And my feet were tired enough!) He played over 2 hours, which I thought was great, given the intensity they put into it. Sure, there's songs I'd like to hear, but the tour is to support the new album, so it makes sense to have a large number of songs from it, and I can't complain about the covers, because TPatH do the absolute best covers in the industry. Campbell OWNS Oh Well now, if you ask me. Live Nation kind of screwed the pooch on Saturday, from what I hear - lots of people still stuck in line during Joe Cocker's set - which makes me even happier I went on Friday. They were also screwing people with merchandise prices there - $40 t-shirts that are available for $24 on this website. But that's kind of par for the course. I was in row 18 and I loved every second of the show, even with the incredibly obnoxious drunk @$$ next to me (how can anyone afford to get drunk in there?). My fifth TPatH show will definitely not be my last! We even had a nice time in the campground (earplugs help a LOT).
coolgary's picture

why is he playing oh well,drivin down to georgia,mystic eyes? the heartbreakers have so many songs.i can think of three songs that are better.what about." you got lucky" spike! the waiting.should i go on?have love will travel, climb that hill, aint love strange,walls,fooled again,how about hes a man who loves women,he shouldnt be playing other peoples songs unless hes still a cover band.HIGHWAY COMPANION do you know what im tryin to say "shes the one" oh well " LET ME UP I'VE HAD ENOUGH:((( the worst tour ever
mpowers's picture

We missed Joe on Sat. 12! So did alot of people. We paid $116. for "PREMEIR CAMPING". Live Nation staff did not let us go directly to our site and made us drive all the way around which took over an hour. They missed the whole purpose for us always buying the Premeir Camping! When we finally got to the venue there was no way to tell where the line actually was. Too much confusion. Messed up! Stood out there trying to get in for over another hour! We have been to the Gorge many times and have always had a blast. This was ruined. All of our excited energy was dampend. We enjoyed Tom but it took him a long time to show up. Did he get word that people were being held up by the Live Nation incompetent staff? No one knew what they were doing from the moment we arrived. 4 lanes of vehicles trying to get in and get parked. REALLY NOW! And, they could care less! What gross waste of money! And, what a BLATANT RIP OFF!
gaylene's picture

If the commenter below would like to give up her tickets, I would be so happy to have them! I really do not get why people have to load their negativity on others!!! I live for TPHB concerts cos it is always a good time and I love that same old shit that they play as does the majority of your concert goers!!! Maybe your webmaster should do some editing?
rjust007's picture

I was there both nites Fri 18 row center
Sat. lawn
Fri walked in Sat 1.5 hrs in line got in at 830 nissed cocker what the @#$% never before seen that at the gorege
DId miss not hearing GLORIA either nite
Great shows Keep it up
mr_pk_mr_tp's picture

Great concert Saturday at the Gorge, thanks TPHB! Wonderful song writing, musicianship, sound, lighting, weather, landscape, VIBE. I am looking forward to Mojo for sure - geez what was I hearing out of Mike's guitar on those new tunes? Flavors of Jimmy Page, Brian May, Jerry Garcia, and, well, Mike Campbell!! Was the band having fun up there on the big stage? It sure looked like it from where I stood. Kudos
nick07's picture

I have only gotten to see tom and The Heartbreakers 5 times in my life! and June 11th, was a standard, it was a high quality icon for what anybody playing music should be like. Aka Amazing! That was the best show i hgave ever seen them play! Saturday night was cool too! but that was my party night, so I had 11th row Friday and Oh my god was it a hot night! The girls were happy! The music was on fire! My joint was a-burnin' and Kings Highway! Thats all i have to say, If they walked off the stage after the first song "Kings highway" I wouldda been happy haha.. I shouldve known it was amazing! Dont Pull Me Over was so fuckin cool! May Janes Last Dance has never rocked that hard! EVER! Free Fallin gave me some lady luck too! thankyou for that one Petty! Callin out all the lovers and the people cheating hahaha thats pretty much what Petty said!!!!! Hahahaha - either way, best show I have ever seen in my life once again! Like the big dog said, If he were king the whole world would swing ;) If you havent got tickets! go get them! Now! Before I drive across country and take them haha
lilswte's picture

thanks tom for the most memorable show ever i think its sooooo cool to see little ol me on your site thanks next time will bring better hat for you hope you liked the mad hatter hat love Alice
henrytr's picture

o.k, first of all, jerk from comment # 5, these guys can play what they want on their tour. So what if they play the same songs each night. Besides, they're playing for people who haven't seen their show yet, not for people who are going to every single f***ing show.
campfan's picture

I love the pictures....the area where the gorge is sounds amazing...and that sunset is awesome..nothing like a sunset... That twin Firebirds.....OMG..NOBODY CAN PLAY Gibson....Firebird like TP AND MC....!
mikeandcassie's picture

You must have been to old to realize tom petty played for three hours. This was an amazing show with all the great songs and some of the newest and most brilliant songs I have ever heard from tom petty and the heart breakers. If you dont like it next time to buy a ticket, dont subscribe to this site and dont blurt out your crappy two cents without thinking about the amount of youth that was there that payed to hear exactly what was played. The Show was GREAT I loved it and Tom Petty and the heartbreakers rocked so hard. The crowd was feeling it and I feel blessed to have been there with the people I loved listening to some of the most inspirational and beautiful music ever recorded and performed by any artist.
campfan's picture

Are there more???????????????/
coolgary's picture

come on tom really? you been around for ever what you dont like to mixed things up? dam i got four see the same old shit> yeah not happy!!! no you got comes my girl.girl on lsd.this might be the worst tour of all time... and i have seen you since the 78 tour i guess you getting to old to play more then 90mins to bad good run. no last dj..ecko shes the one! like i said the worst tour ever. what happen to Las Vegas?
gorgeguy's picture

I have been to over 15 Heartbreaker concerts and I have never seen them tear it up like last night. The band was just smoking right from the start and did a version of "Oh well" that I think is better than the version on the anothology album. When they did the block of songs from Mojo I thought the entire band kicked it up even more and they seemed energized to be playing new material. The new stuff is great and gives the band a chance to show off their chops a bit with a lot of dual guitar work and more lead from Tom than I am use to seeing. Mike Cambell is such a great guitar player that I always get tickets on his side of the stage. After the new material they played a few more hits and came back for a smokin' encore of Runnin' Down a Dream, Mystic Eyes, and American Girl. If tonight is anywhere near the show from last night I may have to quit my job and start following the tour!
grndshaker's picture

Tom Petty Rocks. I am going again tonight and this will be my 21st Tom Petty concert. We made it all the way to the 2nd row this time. I am so excited, I went to the Superbowl just to see Tom Petty. Would love it if he would sing Angel Dream:)
navy_redhead's picture

They let me in with my camera last night, as well as plenty of other people. I just wouldn't bring one that is too professional looking, as they may think you will try and sell the pictures you take.
jganderson815's picture

Going to Saturday's show. Would appreciate any info on Will Call opening time. Also, cameras allowed?