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Toronto, ON 08/25


Aug 25 2010
Toronto, ON
Air Canada Center

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers are among the most "American" of bands in the history of rock 'n roll, but that doesn't dissuade folks north of the border from being amongst the Heartbreakers' most ardent fans. The Canadian shows on the Mojo tour have been excellent, and Toronto may have been best among them.

Crosby, Stills and Nash hopped back on the tour in Ontario, enthralling the audience with a stunning set that brought the packed house to its feet. Mention of native son Neil Young drew loud cheers before the band launched into a beautiful cover of Young's "Long May You Run." Watching these three legends " along with their crack band " play every night has been an honor and an absolute pleasure.

Greeted with thunderous applause, Tom and the band once again brought the house down in Canada, rocking the Air Canada Center with an electrifying set of hits that culminated in a raucous "Runnin' Down A Dream/You Wreck Me" encore that sent everyone away with a smile. Canucks know their Mojo, singing along and cheering at the end of "Running Man's Bible" and a show-stopping "I Should Have Known It" featuring some gorgeous guitar work from Mike Campbell and Scott Thurston.

Saratoga Springs, here we come! Check back for more photos, videos and show reviews!

Air Canada Center
Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Kings Highway
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


psychedelia's picture

The Toronto show was amazing. I just put a video up of Runnin Down a Dream.... thanks so much.
heatherjewell's picture

OMG - I just went through your amazing pictures of the show - soooooo good! :)
heatherjewell's picture

I may love Tom Petty and I may think that The Heartbreakers are one of the very best, most professional bands in rock 'n' roll, so I may be just a little bit biased, so, that said, this was a GREAT SHOW! It is such an inspiration to hear and see these songs performed live, and to hear Tom sing and play with all of his heart! Thanks so much, Tom: you and your team of magicians never fail to lift me up. Your songs continue to be a wonderful part of my life. Thank you!!!! xox :)

P.S. I have hundreds of photos from this Toronto show – can I send them somewhere to see if you want any of them?
frank's picture

What an amazing show!!! Tom Petty and the heartbreakers sent an amazing vibe throughout the ACC!!! It was an amazing show that made me dance all night!! The only disapointing part of the night was when Steve went to give his drum sticks to a young fan (picture 15/16). The tall blonde man in the blue shirt stole the drum sticks from the is disgusting how some rude adults can act!!! Look forward to seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in the future...maybe in Niagara Falls Canada and in Montreal!!!
ness_depro's picture

This Steve Ferrone Fan has been to 3 concerts with the same sign in the past couple years, always sitting in the front rows. See the guy in front of him in the blue dress shirt? He stole one of the drum sticks Steve Ferrone personally gave to the boy! What a PRICK!
serg's picture

Steve my son has been enjoying your music since he was born,all he talks about is playing with you on stage.The night of the Toronto concert when you pointed out to him was his best moment of his life.Thanks so much for reconizing him,Unfortunatley the prick in the front row with the blue shirt snagged the drum stick when you through it out to him, needless to say Julian was very dissapointed I am hoping he reads this and does the right thing and send it back to the rightful owner. He can contact us at
We love you guys and hope to see you again soon,tell us what we have to do to get back stage my son really wants to meet you Steve.Thanks again for over 30 yrs of music.




frank's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are the greatest rock n roll band of all time!!! I have seen them 17 times and never get bored of their shows!!!! Great job guys!!! Petty sounds amazing live!! Please come back to toronto for another show!!
ouijarepair's picture

I don't know who's doing the shooting on this tour, but I think you're doing a great job! Also, I hope "You Wreck Me" is one of the 8 tracks to get released from the tour, though, heck, they're all good. The Mojo songs live are killer!
andreatrace's picture

The lights, the cameras, the action... another fabulous TPHB show in Toronto! We had marvellous seats, I brought my two daughters and we had a blast! The live version of "I Should Have Known It" was so good! I was sorry not to hear American Girl, a live version of which always freaks me out, but no biggie. Mike Campbell was particularly fine (no surprise). I missed a funky blues piano solo from Benmont. I thought for sure we'd get some extra special piano solo with a blues-heavy set list. Can't wait until the next time!
marytylahmohawk's picture

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Toronto. I always cringed at how those girls in Beatles audiences could hold their faces and scream until I found myself doing it at the site of Tom, Mike, Benmont and Ron up close. And I ain't no girl, lol. Great show! Worth the roadtrip from Montreal.
campfan's picture

The pics are the Steve pics... and Mike...that picture of you is soooooooooooo awesome!!
psychedelia's picture

The Toronto show was amazing - and I was very happy to have my friends Dom and Neil (who I met on the boards) share it with me. Dom and Neil flew in from England to Toronto just to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers live! Their enthusiasm and love for the band was undeniable! Their spirit was infectious, and it made the concert even better!
carocuth's picture

Just got back from the Toronto show - OMG - opening were faves CSN who were welcomed with all the love they deserved and who were in top form. The Tom Petty show was...totally amazing. Why folk were wasting their time in the VERY long beer line-ups and missing a second of this is completely lost on me. What I loved was the way the crowd sang along - and many of these weren't even BORN when they first appeared. I'll tell you, this crowd LOVED every minute of the show. Great stage production, great selection of songs, great music. And Tom himself - all the CDs? Nothing compared to the live performance. This man has such a terrific stage presence (to say nothing about the supporting musicians...a show in themselves!). The crowd ate up every minute. What more is there to say?
galloots's picture

Petty's show tonight was good. But man, this is the 6th time i have seen him, and the shows never change. Other than the 4 new songs tonight which were amazing, Petty never serves up a curveball and plays a rare tune. He needs to do that. The classics everyone has heard, im sure TP can sacrafice a few classics in exchange for a few rare dynamite tunes from Long After Dark or Let Me Up. Imagine if he pulled out songs like Two Gunslingers, Waiting for Tonight, or Dogs on the Run? So many others..
wexton's picture

daughters 14th bday same day tph cant wait to hear free fallin the song she grew up to happy bday terri
learingtofly's picture

I can't wait for this show. It will be my first TP and the HB show. The set list looks amazing as well. I hope that the will call box office is open during the day as I will be in Toronto for the day. I already know this is going to be up there for one of the greatest concerts ever for me.
psychedelia's picture

I can't wait until August 25th ! CSN opening for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers! This is the show that Torontonians have been waiting for since it was announced last winter. The ice has thawed and we are ready for a hot show!
mbromley's picture

This will be my 3rd TPHB show and it can't start soon enough. The set lists so far have looked great. Keep it up boys!!! Looking forward to Refugee, Breakdown and Honey Bee. Walls has always been a song I've wanted to hear live but haven't been so lucky...yet. Let's put on a good show Toronto. Fans be pumped and ready to go on the 25th!!! Let's make the boys play 2 shows here next tour.
r_the_star's picture

Huge fan of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Tried hard to get tickets,could not find them.Till my daughter Kate surprised my wife and i with a pair to thank us for putting her through 5 years of university and receiving an honors degree in nursing. She made me cry. CAN"T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
garrr's picture

C'mon this is fantastic night to be had. The only thing that could make it better would be if Neil showed for a set
sabrina's picture

Can't wait to see Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in Toronto. We are long time fans travelling from Dublin, Ireland for the show, PLEASE PLEASE play Two Gunslingers!!!
jaydhcameron's picture

Can't wait to see TPHB for the 8th time in my short life...they never seem to dissapoint, and with an added touch of CSN to the rock show - Oh my, my, oh Hell Yes!