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Milwaukee, WI 06/25


Jun 25 2010
Milwaukee, WI

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Largest Music Festival," Milwaukee's Summerfest spans 11 days with more than 700 bands playing to over 1,000,000 fans over the course of the entire festival.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers headlined Friday's lineup that featured Jeff Beck, Public Enemy and openers ZZ Top. From the moment Billy Gibbons, Frank Hill and Dusty Beard sauntered onstage, the Texas rock legends poured on the heat, muscling through a set of hits including "Sharp Dressed Man" and "Cheap Sunglasses." With Hill and Beard providing a rock-solid rhythm, Gibbons spit solo after fiery solo, proving without any doubt that he is among the best blues guitarists walking the planet.

There's nothing quite like a sold-out show summertime show in the open air. While indoor arena concerts often offer a better environment for the sound and lights, there's something about the heat of a summer night that serves as a catalyst for the energy exchange between a band and an audience. Tom and the band were welcomed onstage at Marcus Amphitheater with a roar worthy of the venue's 25,000-capacity. Promptly launching in "Listen to Her Heart," Tom and the guys took the crowd on a musical tour of their three-decade-plus history including cuts from many albums in their catalog including four songs off their latest slab, Mojo. As the last strains of "American Girl" rang out over the amphitheater, the Heartbreakers gathered at center stage, soaking in the appreciative Summerfest crowd. The Big Gig, indeed.

Tour Tracks: 
Jefferson Jericho Blues
Running Man's Bible
I Should Have Known It
Good Enough
Mystic Eyes
American Girl
Oh Well
Listen to Her Heart
Don't Come Around Here No More
Free Fallin'
I Won't Back Down
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Runnin' Down A Dream
Learning To Fly


actionreactionman's picture

I have listened to the new album Mr. Petty. I love it and enjoy listening to it and being mellow as i drink a few beers. But, please don't play 5 Mojo songs at this concert. I am going to your show to party and hear your up tempo happy feel good stuff!! Your new stuff is slower tempo and depressing. Thank you for not being as self indulgent at this show. If you must play some Mojo...spread them out at least!!! Save the new stuff for the concert in Chicago if you really have a heart!!
googoogajoob4's picture

All those classics you love were new albums at one time or another. Why not let Mojo become classic too. You should just be glad you have the opportunity to see Petty at all. Its a treat not everyone gets to enjoy. Having the nerve to critique what he chooses to play for you is not the behaviour of a fan, its the ramblings of a fair weather radio junkie. You will hear Mojo and you will like it....and ten years down the road when everyone talks about what a "classic" it is, you will pretend you always thought so just to fit may even brag to those people about how you got to see him tour with it. Tom Petty is performing for you. Please go about acting like you deserve it.
bobbyd19's picture

The concert at summerfest in 08 was just amazing! I am worried a little bit this year because of the new album coming out "Mojo" I have a feeling we are going to get a large dose of Mojo which I believe 98% of the crowd would rather not hear! It's not that we don't want to hear it but it will cost us some of the old favorites! I read Tom's comments about this very question in the chicago tribune & he said that he doesn't want to turn into a "jukebox" by only playing the oldies. I hate to tell you Tom that is why we go we love your oldies! We could listen to those songs forever & still not get tired of them! That is why we pay over $100 to listen to those classic songs & not Mojo! If you want to throw in a couple then O.K. I saw the playlist for Oakland and "You wreck me" wasn't even on there! Just stick to the 08 playlist and everyone will be happy!