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We support you in your fight, Brandon!

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on Thu, 2013-11-21 13:56

For more information on Brandon and his fight against cancer, head to his Facebook page at A Celebration of Life starring Brandon Ducharme, or his website at:


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From the Facebook page.


Drum Roll please ..... final total raised is $20'709.83!

We will be donating $10'000 to London Children's Health Foundation, $10 000 to Childcan and $709.83 (which we will to up to $1000) to Caringbridge. All non-profit organizations that support the families and children in our community!

Thank you to everyone how donated to our auction, purchased tickets to the celebration and purchased auction items. A fantastic night.

The Ducharme

P.S. almost 3000 views on the video! Please share it if you have not done so yet.

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What an incredibly brave little man.

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There was so many times that song got me thru some rough times. Blessings to you Brandon! Beat this thing! You Rock!

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What a moving story & video!  Heartfelt wishes to Brandon & Family to win the fight!!!  Brandon, you make a great pint-sized Heartbreaker :-)

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Agreed 100% !!!! how are things going ?

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Hey Ben! Things are good.  We're getting closer to that new album and HOPEFULLY a tour to follow!!!!

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i know cant wait really excited to here the possible tour dates !!!!! I CANNOT wait to get on the road again and tour around !!!! are this goi well with you two ?

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Luke and I are psyched too!  All vacation plans are on hold until we know more about the tour.  I hope we can meet up with you and Tina in a city or two!! Let's stay in touch!

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Sounds good you have my email correct ? i still have both of yours !!!! sen mea email I haea potetial proposal for you !!

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Aw, now I've gone & smudged my make-up. What a brave and special little boy. Hugs & Prayers <3

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This is an inspiring story and to have TPATH acknowledge Brandon is awesome. Brandon, you have my thoughts and prayers to continue fighting and NEVER back down!! Peace be with you and your family♥

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Way to go Brandon.

"He who sings scares away his woes" - Cervantes

(I think that video is one of the coolest things Ive ever seen :) )