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Des Moines Photos and Recap

on June 12, 2017

Wells Fargo Arena

Des Moines, IA

June 5, 2017


“This is so great!”


Hattie Webb scanned the poster in her hands as a smile grew across her glowing face. In celebration of her birthday, the entire band and road crew signed a tour poster to Hattie, which she got upon arriving in Des Moines on Monday night.


The tour hasn’t yet reached the end of the second leg, and the Webb sisters have already ingrained themselves in the Heartbreaker family.

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St. Paul Photos and Recap

on June 7, 2017

Xcel Energy Center

St. Paul, MN

June 3, 2017


“Oh my, Ron…you are VERY handsome in person.”


Ron Blair blushed as the entire room backstage at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN exploded in laughter around the smiling Heartbreakers bass player and Laury Myhre, a long-time Heartbreakers fan with terminal cancer who met the band before they went onstage. Laury told the guys how much she loved their music and how much meeting them meant to her. One of her friends handed Benmont an old publicity photo of a band Laury used to play in, and everyone gathered around her to check it out.



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Kansas City Photos and Recap

on June 6, 2017

Sprint Center

Kansas City, MO

June 2, 2017


You never know when the show of the tour will happen, but Friday night in Kansas City ranks right up there with the best of the 40th Anniversary tour so far.


Maybe it was the two days off after Red Rocks, or maybe it was the fact that the guys like playing at the Sprint Center, but Tom and the band were ON from note one. “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” was loud, with Tom winding his guitar solo out on his Gibson SG extra long.

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Red Rocks Night 1 Photos and Recap

on May 31, 2017

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Morrison, CO

May 29, 2017


Some live music venues are special because of their historical significance.


Others are considered special because of their acoustics.


And there are those spots that are special because they have a vibe about them.


Red Rocks Amphitheatre is one of the rare venues that checks all three boxes.


You could tell Tom and the band were amped just by walking into their dressing rooms backstage before the show. Everyone was all smiles and bouncing with a nervous excitement that only comes before playing legendary venues like Red Rocks.

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Napa Photos and Recap

on May 27, 2017

BottleRock Napa 2017

Napa, CA

May 27, 2017


There’s something magical about the moment a large festival crowd recognizes a song.


There’s the immediate cheer that usually lasts a five or ten seconds, and then a wave of movement that spreads across the audience as people begin to dance or put their hands in the air.


By the time Tom got to the first chorus of “I Won’t Back Down” on a picture-perfect evening in Napa, the 35,000-plus fans at BottleRock were ready for him, and the sing-a-long that followed was loud and spine-tingling.


“Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out

(I won’t back