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#1 in US and Canada

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on Wed, 2014-08-06 11:30

Hypnotic Eye is the number one album in the U.S and Canada! Tom and the band thank you, the fans, for all of your support!

Hypnotic Eye is available now:


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A big Congratulations to Tom and the boys for making such a great record! I am so excited it's #1  Can't stop playing this record over and over! Counting the days untill Portland and Hartford.

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Hypnotic Eye is certainly Number 1 with me, so thrilled to see the rest of the country and Canada agree! Congratulations - you guys are smokin!  Saw the Kimmel videos - you guys are on fire!  Have a great tour!

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Super stoked for you guys! Well deserved and thank you! I LOVE the album, and the San Diego show was out of this world!

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Congratulations!  Well deserved, this is such a great album!

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Congratultions to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers for yet another GREAT album.

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great news. Saw the Jimmy Kimmel performances on Youtube and they were very good.

The album also has gone in at No.7 in the UK chart


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